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Semiconductor Support Services from memsstar Ltd

memsstar has an enviable track record in delivering value to customers throughout the Semiconductor and MEMS markets in Europe, the USA and Asia. We are dedicated to supporting those markets with the highest quality etch and deposition equipment, process and service expertise. memsstar engages with customers through the entire value chain with pre- and post- sales support services.

memsstar offers a full range of cost effective semiconductor support services to customers for fab operations and systems alike:

  • New and innovative applications, process development and R&D support
  • Equipment support
    • Chamber additions, moves, wafer size changes
    • Process retargeting and applications design
  • Custom built configurations and upgrades
  • Maintenance and warranty services for memsstar’s fully remanufactured, ISO certified and CE qualified systems
  • CE compliance testing for any system
  • Asset management
  • Large parts inventory
  • Training
  • CE EH&S Engineering

For further information on our semiconductor support services and to find out how we can help your organization, please contact us.

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