memsstar vmPC Supports LAM Research Envision Software

Extends the life span of Lam Research’s Rainbow and Alliance etch platforms

Introduced in 1987 and 1993, respectively, Lam Research’s Rainbow Etch and Alliance Cluster Etch tools are legacy manufacturing tools that stand the test of time. The Rainbow Etch platform is a second-generation single-wafer plasma etch system pioneered by Lam in its AutoEtch tool. Lam’s Alliance Cluster was the first plasma etch cluster tool on the market.

Both these tools are still going strong, with thousands in production around the globe. Today they are used for etch processes for legacy node and MEMS applications on wafer sizes up to 200mm.

memsstar’s replacement PC hardware breathes new life into Lam Research’s Rainbow and Alliance etch platforms running Lam’s Envision software.

  • Provides an alternative to costly OEM upgrade path
  • Eliminates the need to adopt new concepts that may need requalification by the customer

The memsstar vmPC replaces the original Lam Research PC and is available as both a main tool PC and remote user interface PC.

  • Supports existing hardware and is future scalable
  • Tailor-made for individual customer’s setup
  • Plug-and-play replacement makes installation easy
  • No downtime
  • No need for requalification
  • Low investment
  • Compatible with OPEX
  • Fast ROI
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