ASP(+) Heater Upgrade Kit for Applied Materials™ Centura and P5000 Platforms

Keeps legacy etch and deposition tools at the top of their game

The Applied Materials Centura platform is a versatile workhorse that supports multiple process applications including chemical vapor deposition, epitaxy, etch, plasma nitridation and rapid thermal processing for wafer sizes up to 200mm.

Applied Materials’ P5000 was one of the world’s first single-wafer cluster systems developed for 200mm semiconductor processes. The “P” stands for precision. These tools set the gold standard for etch and chemical vapor deposition.

memsstar continues to offer innovative solutions that are backward compatible and offer process improvements that keep these legacy etch and deposition tools from becoming obsolete.

The ASP(+) heater upgrade kit for Applied Materials™ Centura and P5000 platforms are designed to replace original 14-lamp module assembly for improved reliability, easy maintenance, and lower operational and consumable costs. The new lamp module assembly replaces individual lamps with a resistively driven aluminium heater for:

  • Better process stability
  • Lower risk of damage to adjacent assemblies during maintenance
  • Reduced energy costs and CO2 emissions
  • Elimination of replacement lamps
  • Improved strip rate uniformity
  • Constant energy usage of 0.8kW
  • Savings in consumables and engineering time
  • 2x higher MTBC
  • Greater uptime and availability
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