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How China Can Successfully Compete in the MEMS Race

As trade tensions continue to flare between China and the United States, China is ramping up investment in its own semiconductor infrastructure to become a self-sufficient player in leading-edge technology. One key area of interest is in MEMS manufacturing, as …

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How to Navigate MEMS Manufacturing for the Next Decade

Experts are predicting continued growth for MEMS devices for the next decade, driven by consumer applications such as smartphones, voice-activated devices, and bolstered by increasing demand from automotive, biomedical/health, artificial intelligence (AI), and industrial sectors. Additionally, the number of software …

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Part 3: Vapour Phase Etching: A User’s Guide

Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS) device fabrication presents unique challenges for process engineers and their choice of equipment. This is largely due to the three-dimensional (3D) nature and electro-mechanical functioning of MEMS products. In fact, with these additional challenges, a fundamentally different …

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Part 2: Material Issues in MEMS Etching Processes

MEMS device fabrication requires a broad range of reactions and chemistries to create the structures and functions of these complicated electro-mechanical systems. MEMS etching processes in particular, merit attention for material compatibilities because, of course, the function of etching is …

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MEMs process variables

Part 1: Getting a Handle on MEMS Process Variables

Fabricating MEMS devices presents unique challenges because of the three-dimensional (3D) and mechanical nature of the products. Specific mechanical structures are needed to perform the MEMS functions that involve vibration, rotation, or other types of motion (Figure 1). To accomplish …

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Single Wafer vs Batch Wafer Processing

In both semiconductor device and microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) manufacturing, wafer processes are generally divided into single wafer and batch processing. As the name implies, batch processing calls for multiple wafers to be processed at the same time. This cost-effective approach …

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