MEMS in the World

MEMS technology is changing the way we sense and control our environment, making reliable, integrated MEMS more critical than ever.

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Making the IoT Possible

Connecting 50B devices by 2020 means cost-effectively manufacturing MEMS, sensors and ICs in high volumes.

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Ready for the Future

The possibilities are endless, thanks to advanced MEMS technology in development at universities and research institutes around the world.

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Troubled by Stiction in your MEMS Etch Release Process?

In MEMS manufacturing, the etch release process puts the “mechanical” in MEMS devices. Without it, vibration, rotation, or other movement doesn’t happen.

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memsstar’s deposition and etch expertise supports used semiconductor equipment and proprietary MEMS equipment

memsstar is a leading process and equipment supplier of etch and deposition solutions for semiconductor and MEMS manufacturing processes. Offering in-depth process expertise and a range of new and remanufactured etch and deposition equipment, memsstar provides a full complement of processes and related services for multiple applications.

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memsstar leverages its proprietary dry release etch and deposition technology expertise to develop new MEMS equipment as well as to remanufacture semiconductor tools for MEMS processes. Discover how memsstar’s MEMS equipment is advancing next-generation technology.


memsstar remanufactures used semiconductor equipment to the original equipment manufacturer’s specification and repurposes it for novel applications to deliver the industry’s best etch and deposition process solutions. Find out more about our semiconductor products and services.


MEMS researchers from universities, academia and commercial MEMS R&D benefit from memsstar’s single-wafer processing platforms that guarantee excellent HF dry-release etch repeatability with a wide process window to maximise performance and yield. Learn why memsstar is the right choice for MEMS development.

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How China Can Successfully Compete in the MEMS Race

As trade tensions continue to flare between China and the United States, China is ramping up investment in its own semiconductor infrastructure to become a self-sufficient player in leading-edge technology. One key area of interest is in MEMS manufacturing, as …

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