Company Overview

Since 2003, memsstar has served as Europe’s premier process and equipment supplier of etch and deposition solutions for semiconductor, MEMS and related technology manufacturing processes. The company innovates best-in-class solutions based on Applied Materials, Lam and Novellus platforms combined with its proprietary memsstar® systems for MEMS applications.

memsstar offers full manufacturing, design, process engineering and demo capabilities. ISO 9001 certified, the company is recognized for its remanufacturing excellence, technology development, process guarantees, as well as extensive service capabilities to support its full range of remanufactured semiconductor and proprietary MEMS equipment.

How memsstar serves the global MEMS markets:

  • Developed MEMS-dedicated processes for manufacturing using semiconductor equipment
  • OEM for memsstar® tools optimized for MEMS-specific manufacturing
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