memsstar Specializes in Lam Research Alliance and Rainbow Etch Platforms

As the leading remanufacturer of Lam etch equipment serving the European, Asian and USA markets, memsstar delivers the broadest capability set for the like-new refurbishing, repurposing or process development to support etch processes for mainstream semiconductor manufacturing or novel applications.

Lam Research

Alliance and Rainbow


4420XL, 4520XL and 4720XL series
Exelan, ExelanHPT
9400 and 9600
Microwave Strip

Key Features

Cluster platform
Wafer sizes up to 200mm
Feature sizes from 0.25 to 0.18 micron
Accepts a broad range of Lam process chambers
Modular design
Fully automated, serial or parallel processing
Vacuum cassette elevators


4400 series for polysilicon etch
4500 series for oxide etch
4600 series for metal etch
4700 series for tungsten etch

Key Features

Wafer sizes up to 200mm
Feature sizes down to 0.35 micron
Parallel plate etchers
Mechanical or ESC clamping

memsstar supports Lam Research Alliance and Rainbow Etch Systems:

  • Equipment support, process development, expert consulting
  • Chamber additions, moves, wafer size changes
  • Process retargeting and applications design
  • Asset management
  • Spare parts inventory
  • Training
  • CE EH&S engineering
  • Complete installations, start up and process support, including full warranty
  • On-site service

For further information on our remanufactured LAM equipment and services, please contact us.

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