Applied Materials

memsstar Specializes in Applied Materials™ Centura Etch and Deposition, Endura Deposition and P5000 Platforms

As the leading remanufacturer of Applied Materials process equipment serving markets across Europe, Asia and the USA, memsstar delivers the broadest capability set for the like-new refurbishing, repurposing or process development to support etch and deposition processes for mainstream semiconductor manufacturing or novel applications.

Applied Materials

Etch, CVD, PVD, RTP, Epi
Centura 5200 and Endura 5500, P5000

Centura Applications

DPS metal and poly and ASP+
DxZ nitride, TEOS and other
HDP Ultima and Ultima+
HeWeB and WxP
Reduced pressure and atmospheric epitaxy
MxP, MxP+, eMxP+ and SuperE
SiNgen and Polygen
XE, XE+ and Radiance

Endura Applications

Aluminum, Ti, TiN, Ta, TaN, TxZ, Cu, MoSi, W, Au, SiCr, AlN, Pt, etc.
IMP, SiP, standard and widebody, 101, clamped, ESC
Preclean II

P5000 Applications

DxZ nitride, TEOS and other
DxL lamp-heated nitride, TEOS and other
HeWeb and WxP
Mark II, MxP, MxP+ and eMxP+

memsstar supports Centura, Endura and P5000 Systems:

  • Equipment support, process development, expert consulting
  • Chamber additions, moves, wafer size changes
  • Process retargeting and applications design
  • Upgrades
  • Asset management
  • Spare parts inventory
  • Training
  • CE EH&S engineering
  • CVD/PVD Heater ReNEW
  • P5000 robot rebuild
  • Complete installations, start up and process support, including full warranty
  • On-site service

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