MEMS for R&D

memsstar’s proven etch processing technology is available for MEMS R&D efforts in a system designed for lab use, the ORBIS ALPHA.

A leader in providing MEMS etch equipment to the MEMS industry, memsstar has designed and sold unique, patented processing systems for vapor phase isotropic etch and surface modification since 2008.

memsstar’s existing product portfolio provides solutions for commercial MEMS R&D through to volume manufacturing utilizing the same process technology and hardware. This allows for the seamless process transfer from R&D to production, a challenge frequently overlooked in the MEMS market.

memsstar’s ORBIS ALPHA etchers bring the company’s proven technology to a platform designed to meet the price and performance requirements of the R&D community.

What are the key benefits of memsstar’s etch process?

  • Industry leading etch rates
  • Industry leading selectivity to oxide and nitride
  • Excellent uniformity (<5% 1σ)

What are the main features of the ORBIS ALPHA system for R&D?

  • Small footprint (size varies, dependent on model)
  • Self contained, XeF2 on board
  • DeviceNet control
  • LabVIEW control system
  • PC controlled
  • Resistive touchscreen

How does memsstar’s etch offering compare to competitors?

  • Faster
  • More selective
  • More uniform
  • Better control
  • Larger process window to ‘tune’ process for different structures

What options are available with the system?

  • High selectivity option
    • Additional gas line
  • Camera
    • USB CCD Color Camera – for silicon system only
    • 640×480 pixel
  • Process monitor – unique to memssstar
    • Real time process monitoring
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