R&D Systems for MEMS Manufacturing

Oxide and Silicon Etch Development Platform for Cost-effective MEMS Research

memsstar’s ORBIS™ ALPHA system is a low-cost, small footprint, self-contained version of our proven XERIC™ oxide and silicon etch processes designed to meet the price and performance requirements of the institutional and academic markets. It includes fully integrated process monitoring and endpoint control, a high-selectivity package and a proven hardware that delivers excellent uniformity and repeatability, critical to improving yield.

The ALPHA system allows for all the capability of memsstar’s unique patented high volume production process to enable researchers to develop production-capable processes for the next generation of MEMS devices.

The ORBIS ALPHA system is available as a silicon etch module utilizing xenon difluoride or as an oxide etch module utilizing hydrogen fluoride etchants.

memsstar’s XERIC Silicon Etch
Used for dry processing, the XERIC silicon etch system utilises vapor phase dry release etching with xenon difluoride providing continuous flow design for the etch material. The patented memsstar XERIC sacrificial vapor release XeF2 process is highly selective to a range of materials including SiO2, Si3N4. This process means that large undercuts of structures can be performed with no degradation in etch rate and a wide range of films including all forms of silicon can be etched.

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memsstar’s XERIC Oxide Etch
This is a patented process which is compatible with a wide range of metals utilising vapor phase dry release with anhydrous HF (hydrogen fluoride) and has market leading selectivities towards Si3N4. The XERIC oxide etch HF sacrificial release system offers a variety of benefits to companies who are engaged in MEMS manufacturing and development.

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ORBIS ALPHA Key Features
Key characteristics Large process window to optimize process for any structure
Excellent selectivity with silicon nitride and silicon dioxide (<5% 1σ)
High selectivity to underlayer and mechanical materials
Industry-leading etch rates
High etch rates for undercut and blanket Si
Excellent uniformity (<5% 1σ)
Excellent repeatability (<5% 1σ)
No corrosion
No stiction
In-line controls—etch rate monitor, endpoint, temperature
Unique endpoint capability
Self contained, on-board etchants (XeF2 or HF)
Handles materials from sample sizes to 200mm
Small footprint (600 x 540 x 900 mm)
DeviceNet control
LabVIEW control system
PC controlled
Resistive touch screen
Application examples Sensors, RF MEMS, micro bolometer arrays, accelerometers, RF switches, temperature gauges
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