Applied Materials Technology Enabling Upgrades

Technology Enabling Upgrades for Applied Materials


Technology enabling upgrades help customers to reduce costs of manufacturing through productivity improvements and better device and yield performance. It can also lead to the availability of more usable die out of what is being manufactured.

With the rapid growth of the IoT there is increased pressure on manufacturers to enable new processes and applications to satisfy the growing demands of  the microelectronics, pharmaceutical, manufacturing industries and R&D. This leads to an outflow of  new applications with delivery requirements which are faster, smaller and at a very low cost. Our upgrades can give businesses a competitor advantage in this area.

memsstar’s technology enabling upgrades include:

– RF Based Endpoint
– Gas Line Thermal Control

In development

We are also working on a new range of upgrades which are due to be released shortly

– Ultra Fast MFCs
– Clear wafer orienter
– Ultra Uniform Ceramic ESC for Etch

Contact memsstar today to find out how memsstar’s Applied Materials technology enabling upgrades can help your business.

Additional Upgrade Services for Applied Materials

Applied Materials Obsolescence Protection
Applied Materials Data and Connectivity Improvements
Applied Materials Standard Productivity Improvements

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