A look at the MEMS market in Solid State Technology from memsstar CEO Tony McKie: MEMS on the rise

Looking at the global MEMS market, industry experts are predicting double-digit device growth in the next three to five years. How that translates into capital equipment spending is yet to be determined. MEMS growth continues to be driven by consumer electronics, mobile and handheld applications. Significant additional growth will come from the Chinese mobile market, which could account for as much as 30% of overall MEMS spending for mobile and handheld applications.

There are ever-increasing opportunities for low-cost MEMS within the consumer market, which will drive innovation in the coming years. For example, not everyone needs a high-end microphone on their handheld or mobile device, so there remain opportunities to provide low-cost MEMS for these applications. Even a state-of-the-art smartphone has room for both low-cost and high-cost MEMS options, representing opportunity in a very cost-sensitive market.

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