Self Assembled Monolayers

Dan Drysdale, author of Self Assembled Monolayers for EDN

With a focus on research and process development of vapor-phase etch and deposition technologies within the fields of MEMS and semiconductor manufacturing, memsstar Technologist, Daniel Drysdale writes for EDN this month on the subject of Self Assembled Monolayers.

MEMS & self-assembled monolayers: Protecting and functionalizing next-gen devices.

Self-assembled monolayer (SAM) coatings have become an exciting route for surface modification in active electronic devices. The ability to build both the reactive and functional groups in one of these monolayer chemicals allows for a number of wildly different variations: Changing the reactive group allows the user to bond one of a few groups to the device to be treated, while different functional groups change the nature of the surface completely.

Example of a released MEMS device

Example of a released MEMS device

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