Recommended Reads

Tech Publications/News Articles:

Solid State Technology – MEMS

Sensors Online

MEMS Net – MEMS news

AZO Nano – MEMS – NEMS News

EE Times

All About Circuits – Sensors

Semiconductor Engineering – MEMS Market Shifting Article

Laboratory for MEMS and Biochips


MEMS & Sensors Industry Group (MSIG)

MIPI Alliance

MEMS & Nanotechnology Exchange – Discussion Groups

Semi Foundation


MEMS Design – Texas Tech University

Journal Articles/White Papers:

“Anticipating, measuring, and minimizing MEMS mirror scan error to improve laser scanning microscopy’s speed and accuracy” – Journal

Whitepapers – Solidus Technology

The Advantages of Integrated MEMS to Enable the Internet of Moving Things Whitepaper – mCube

An Overview of MEM Sensors –White Paper – arm Community—an-overview-of-mems-sensors


University Affiliated Research Centers – Army

Micro/Nano Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS) – UC Berkeley

Center for Intelligent Sensors and MEMS (CISM) in NUS – National University of Singapore

Research – Microsystems, Optoelectronics & Devices – Virginia Tech

MechE – Boston University

MEMS for Biomedical Applications – Research Group – ASU

Research Overview – Institute of Microelectronics

Intro to MEMS articles:

Overview of MEMS and Research – BYU

MEMS Introduction article – IoT Agenda


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