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memsstar delivers advanced etch and deposition solutions for reliable integrated MEMS

As a global systems and technology supplier, our mission is to facilitate the successful transition to integrated dry processing – and from R&D to high yield manufacturing. We are an original equipment manufacturer of our memsstar line of etch and deposition systems, and experts in the refurbishment of semiconductor etch and deposition platforms for use in MEMS manufacturing. Our comprehensive service offerings further support this effort.

MEMS Technology development

memsstar is a leader in MEMS technology development, working independently and in conjunction with leading research organizations such as the Fraunhofer Institut and commercial partners, including SAFC Hitech.

One example of the company’s technology development is its use of amorphous silicon (a-Si) as a sacrificial layer in the construction of MEMS. Developed with the Fraunhofer Institut, the module enables the a-Si film to be deposited in a modified industry standard PECVD reactor as a sacrificial etch layer, for subsequent isotropic release etching using the memsstar SVR system. The module has fully characterized etch selectivity to many other materials, fast etch rates and excellent uniformity and repeatability. This integrated process sequence can be used within standard CMOS facilities or on top of CMOS wafers to enable many possible new applications.

Technology integration and fab-compatible platforms

memsstar’s unique patented processing system solution delivers unrivalled process control and wide process windows, for vapor phase (vapor phase) isotropic etch and surface modification.

Sacrificial Vapor Release Etching

Dry release processing with memsstar® benefits from our advanced vapour delivery (vapor delivery) and chamber technology, along with residue-free dry processing and sophisticated process monitoring.

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Surface Preparation and Deposition

Our expertise and systems span hydrophobic anti-stiction precursors, anti-wear coatings, hydrophilic treatments for anti-fouling, microfluidics and bio-inert implantable devices; and bio-active coatings. Self-assembled monolayers are produced in a two-stage process that combines plasma activation with surface deposition – all precision controlled and monitored with our innovative patented systems.

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