ORBIS™ 3000 Platform

Automated handling and process integration for volume MEMS manufacturing

memsstar’s ORBIS 3000 platform provides automated wafer handling and cluster capability allowing for any combination of XERIC™ or AURIX™ process modules to a maximum of three. Proven in high-volume production, the new ORBIS 3000 enables our most advanced process capability to our customers.

ORBIS 3000 Key Features

  • Compact footprint
  • Easily connected to cleanroom facilities
  • Chemicals and electronics are on board for nontoxics, minimizing ancillary equipment
  • Industry-standard components
  • Highly reliable
  • Easily maintained
  • Backed by memsstar’s comprehensive equipment service

With the easy integration of advanced XERIC™ and AURIX™ process modules fabs can start with just one process module and add future modules to the cluster as capacity, productivity or capability needs require.

Each memsstar process module uses a small-volume vacuum chamber able to process all standard sizes of substrates—100mm, 125mm, 150mm, 200mm—or many different types of carriers and substrates. Chambers are process-specific, with an optimized process kit for a particular substrate or design, with excellent process control. All process modules are based on memsstar’s unique technologies for advanced process control; faster process times; denser, more robust films; superior within-wafer uniformity; and wafer-to-wafer repeatability.

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