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Multi Platform: Automated handling and process integration for volume MEMS production


memsstar’s Multi platform builds on the semi-automated Sentry platform by adding automated wafer handling and cluster capability for up to three memsstar® process modules.

This production-standard solution represents the upper level of our modular system, which can be converted and upgraded from standalone or semi-automated solutions as business or technology needs change – without losing the original investment.

Using the Brooks Automation MX series ensures that high productivity and reliable wafer handling is carried out to the highest standards, proven throughout the semiconductor industry. There is a choice of advanced memsstar etch, surface preparation and deposition process modules delivering the performance, control and yield for manufacturing current and next-generation MEMS devices. Fabs can start with just one process, for example sacrificial vapor release (SVR) etching, and then add other etch and/or surface preparation and deposition modules to the cluster as they are required.

Each memsstar process module uses a small volume vacuum chamber able to process all standard sizes of substrates – 100mm, 125mm, 150mm, 200mm – or many different types of carriers and substrates. Chambers are process specific with an optimized process kit for a particular substrate or design, with excellent process control.

All process modules are based on memstar’s unique technologies for advanced process control, faster process times, denser more robust films, superior within wafer uniformity and wafer-to-wafer repeatability.

All of memsstar’s automation is based upon industry proven reliable high quality hardware and software which is seamlessly integrated to provide a high value system. We have selected ControlWORKS™ andBrooks Automation products to provide reliable high performance at a reasonable price, and to enable fabs to integrate memsstar systems into their existing facilities and systems with confidence. We work closely with customers to develop new applications quickly on this highly flexible platform.

SVR-HF Key features
Each system is a compact small footprint and easily connected to cleanroom facilities. Chemicals and electronics are on board for non-toxics so ancillary equipment is minimized. Each system uses industry standard components where possible.

Multi platforms are highly reliable and easily maintained with full services available from memsstar where required.

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