Leading-Edge Equipment For Advanced MEMS Processing

Leading-Edge Equipment For Advanced MEMS Processing

At memsstar, we offer a wide variety of MEMS tools and solutions, ranging from proprietary etch and deposition systems to remanufactured equipment from the world’s leading OEMs.

Proprietary MEMS Equipment: ORBIS™ Platforms
Our proprietary ORBIS platforms enable the most advanced processing capability from research, to commercial R&D through to high-volume manufacturing.

We offer you:

  • Upgrade paths from R&D through to full-scale production
  • Cost-effective solutions—lab or fab
  • Seamless process transfer—from lab to fab
  • Low cost of ownership

Remanufactured Equipment for MEMS Manufacturing
Using our strong expertise in etch and deposition processing, we deliver the best MEMS solutions based on the systems from Applied Materials, Lam, and Novellus.

We bring:

  • Full customization
  • High-quality ISO certified build and test procedures
  • Compliance with the latest CE standards
  • Full process qualification
  • Excellent customer support

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