Key considerations when choosing a remanufactured semiconductor equipment partner

remanufactured semiconductor equipment

With the global demand for semiconductors rising rapidly, additional fabrication facilities are being built, and existing fabs are adding capacity across Europe. The new facilities will use mostly new 300mm tools, so refurbished tools won’t be a factor. But the fabs adding capacity will have very specific needs. They want to work with the exact same systems they already have, which are often 200mm tools, and they will need them as quickly as possible.

To make that work, those semiconductor manufacturers need a reliable remanufactured semiconductor equipment partner. In this post, we will break down the four most important qualities to look for when choosing a remanufacturing partner.

Full remanufacturing rather than basic refurbishment

It’s a common belief that remanufacturing and refurbishment are interchangeable terms, but that isn’t true.

Refurbishment is a broad concept. It includes all adjustments and fixes made to semiconductor equipment, no matter how basic. In fact, refurbishment can mean simply cleaning semiconductor equipment. On the other hand, remanufacturing is a much more involved process. It includes upgrading systems and bringing them up to current specifications, both in terms of safety and capability.

So, if your tool needs only basic alterations, repairs and cleaning, a provider who specializes in simple refurbishment may be enough for you. But if you need fully revamped, specialized equipment to add more capacity to your fab, consider tapping into a supplier that specializes in remanufacturing services.

High quality at a good value

One of the biggest mistakes semiconductor manufacturers make when buying remanufactured equipment is sacrificing quality to save on cost. There’s an old saying that when you buy cheap, you buy twice, and that is highly relevant when it comes to semiconductor tools. That little bit of extra money you’d pay for high-quality equipment is nothing compared to the costs of equipment that doesn’t work properly and causes production downtime.

A good semiconductor remanufacturing provider will be able to supply you with high-quality equipment and provide the same level of support and service as you’d get from an original equipment manufacturer (OEM). The capability and performance of the equipment should be as close to new equipment as possible.

Remember, investing in high quality remanufactured tools will save a manufacturer a lot of money and time compared with ordering all new tools from an OEM.

Customizable solutions address exact requirements

Many remanufactured semiconductor equipment providers try to hold a large inventory of equipment. This might seem like a good thing, but because they are focused on selling existing inventory, these providers will influence you to purchase what they have in stock, not what you need.

The better choice is to partner with a remanufactured equipment supplier that provides a customizable solution. Look for a provider who begins the sales process by asking you for exact tool specifications. The supplier will use your input to search for a donor, calculate the price, and begin the remanufacturing process.

Since these types of providers don’t carry inventory, they aren’t biased. They are willing to provide the exact tools, specifications, and configurations that you need, instead of trying to force their existing inventory on you.

Experience in the remanufacturing space

This one may seem obvious but partnering with a remanufactured semiconductor equipment supplier who has years of knowhow in the industry is crucial. First, partnering with a practiced provider guarantees a high-quality experience. Every company will have a website or salespeople claiming they offer the best quality tools. But only providers who have been players in the industry for years will be able to back the claim up with references, reviews, and case studies.

Just as important, providers who have been remanufacturing equipment for a while will have extensive networks in the industry. That means even with tough market conditions, they will always be able to find tools and parts at a reasonable price.

memsstar’s remanufactured equipment services

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