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Equipment Services for Wafer Fabs

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Equipment Technology for Global MEMS

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We innovate and deliver etch and deposition equipment and process solutions for manufacturing and R&D. We support our customers from lab to fab – with equipment and processes based upon proven platforms.


Founded in 2003, memsstar Limited is a leading provider of deposition and etch equipment and technology solutions to manufacturers of semiconductors and micro-electrical mechanical systems (MEMS). The company’s remanufactured etch and deposition equipment and its proprietary technology solutions support the semiconductor and global MEMS markets. memsstar delivers proprietary process technology and equipment to help the MEMS industry meet the challenges of developing and manufacturing increasingly complex and integrated MEMS devices. ISO 9001 certified, memsstar is recognized for its remanufacturing excellence, technology development, process guarantees, as well as extensive service capabilities to support its full range of OEM and remanufactured equipment.


To be the wafer fab equipment technology partner of choice for semiconductor and global MEMS organizations through the supply of high quality proprietary and re-manufactured etch and deposition equipment and services


Our mission is twofold
To be the best in class supplier in our chosen markets, delivering innovative, proven and cost-effective etch and deposition equipment and services for the development and manufacture of microelectronic devices.

To create value for customers and stakeholders alike through our people, products and a relentless pursuit of excellence throughout our business.


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memsstar Limited was founded in 2003 in Livingston, Scotland. The in depth industry knowledge underpinning memsstar is derived from its extensive experience in supplying a broad range of plasma etch and plasma deposition solutions on standard semiconductor process platforms.

In 2004 the company complemented its existing semiconductor processing and equipment solutions offerings with a dedicated capability focused on MEMS processing technologies and the overall specific needs of the rapidly developing MEMS industry.

memsstar delivered its first vapor-phase processing system in 2006 and systems are now in use globally. In addition the company continues to broaden its product range and process technologies to match the developing needs of the MEMS industry.



memsstar is a premier process and equipment supplier of etch and deposition solutions for semiconductor, MEMS and related technology manufacturing processes. Offering in-depth process expertise and a range of new and remanufactured etch and deposition equipment, memsstar provides a full complement of processes and related services for multiple applications throughout the markets served.

Our semiconductor division has an extremely strong track record in delivering bottom line value to customers throughout Europe, within the USA and Asia and is dedicated to supporting the semiconductor manufacturing market with the highest quality etch and deposition process expertise and associated pre and post sales support services.

With installations around the globe, our MEMS offering combines a blend of next generation of proprietary release etch and coatings technologies and repurposed equipment to offer a full suite of etch and deposition processes both for MEMS development and production ready manufacturing.

We have full manufacturing, design, process engineering and demo capability. We innovate best in class solutions based upon Applied Materials, Lam and Novellus platforms combined with our proprietary memsstar® systems for MEMS applications.

Dedication to customer service is a passion for us, which means that our customers enjoy high value relationships with our world class engineering team.

Corporate Snapshot

Private limited company since 2003

  • Core technologies: etch and deposition
    • – Ex-OEM specialists and technologists
  • Serving waferfab / semiconductor markets
    • – Refurbishment of AMAT, Lam, Novellus tools
  • Serving global MEMS markets
    • – Developed MEMS-dedicated processes for manufacturing using semiconductor equipment
    • – OEM for memsstar® tools optimized for MEMS-specific manufacturing
  • UK-based: HQ in Livingston, Scotland
  • Manufacturing: Class 1000 space
  • R&D: Class 10 space
  • ISO9001 Certified Manufacturing and Services


As well as working closely with customers in aligning our knowledge, experience and expertise with advanced industry process requirements the development of the company has been supported by the forging of strategic relationships with a variety of partners and fully participating in the organisations that support the development of the MEMS industry. Our partners include:

  • Albion Ventures LLP is a leading independent venture capital investor managing approximately £200 million. It invests £1-10 million in a wide range of growing businesses, from technology-orientated companies to service and asset-based businesses. Albion Ventures LLP, a partnership formed by the former Close Ventures management team, was created in January 2009 when it acquired the business of Close Ventures Limited (founded in 1996) from Close Brothers Group plc.
  • Since 2007, the company has maintained a key strategic alliance with SAFC Hitech to jointly supply fully qualified coatings and nano-materials to MEMS fabs and laboratories.
  • memsstar® is actively involved in all aspects of the MEMS industry and it’s development including corporate membership of the MEMS Industry Group and representing SME’s on the Governing Board of the ENIAC Joint Undertaking European funding programme.

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