memsstar is Europe’s premier semiconductor equipment remanufacturer and services provider. The company refurbishes and re-manufactures tools to the original equipment manufacturer’s specification, as well as repurposes those tools for novel applications, to deliver the industry’s best etch and deposition process solutions.GO


memsstar serves the global MEMS marketplace, offering etch and deposition expertise, experience, proprietary and remanufactured systems and know-how to deliver innovative products and services for research, commercial R&D and production.GO

  • memsstar appoints new European Sales Manager

    Peter Aitken
    We are delighted to announce the appointment of Peter Aitken as European Sales Manager. Peter joined us on 5th October and will be responsible for the continued development of business opportunities primarily within Europe but supporting key regions and accounts …
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  • MEMS Devices – What’s in a MEMS?

    MEMS devices etching image
    There is no such thing as a standard MEMS process. In this blog, we look at why this is the case for a wide range of modern CMOS and MEMS devices. At the birth of early semiconductor devices, only a small range …
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ORBIS™ ALPHA™ Platform:
Standalone process module

ORBIS ALPHA HF and XeF2 etch development platform


ORBIS™ 1000 platform:
Single wafer vacuum loadlock

ORBIS 1000 single-chamber platform for low-volume MEMS production

ORBIS 1000

ORBIS™ 3000 platform:
Single cassette cluster tool

ORBIS 3000 multi-chamber platform proven in high-volume MEMS manufacturing


Applied Materials™
P5000, Centura and Endura

memsstar specializes in remanufactured Applied Materials etch and deposition platforms


Lam Research:
Rainbow and Alliance

memsstar specializes in remanufactured Lam Research etch platforms


Concept One and Concept Two

memsstar specializes in remanufactured Novellus deposition platforms